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Guide Service

Fish Unlimited Guide Service, LLC is a Catfishing Charter Service known for catching Trophy Blue Cats on the James River, based out of Richmond, Virginia, and also available for surrounding areas Chesterfield, Chester, Hopewell, and Henrico County.

Captain Chuck would like to share his passion for fishing with you! Providing you with the exciting opportunity of a lifetime to catch Citation Blue Catfish on the Historic James River.

You will find the catfishing charter service provided by Fish Unlimited Guide Service, LLC to be professional, friendly, and knowledgeable.

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Fish Unlimited Guide Service News

Blue Catfish

Blue Catfish

One of the largest species of catfish is the blue catfish. The blue catfish can reach lengths of 65 inches and weigh up to 150 pounds. The current state record is 143 pounds.

The blue catfish will eat any type of fish that it can catch but favorites include shad and herring.

Reeling in a monster blue cat is a thrill like no other and fun for the whole family!

Captain Chuck won ODCC Angler of the Year 2018!!

Captain Chuck won ODCC Angler of the Year 2018!!

"Congratulations to Chuck Jarvis of Fish Unlimited Guide Service for winning the first ever ODCC Angler of the Year. Chuck is a great guy and an awesome fisherman. He is well deserving of this honor."

2017-2018 ODCC Angler of the Year Final Standings:

1.Chuck Jarvis 484.06
2.Leo Smiley 469.04
2.Ryan Smiley 469.04
3.Jason Pope 430.93
4.Doug Holloway 425.76
5.Fred Draine 389.25
5.DJ Ratcliffe 389.25
6.George Dehner 385.2
7.James Williams 304.11
8.Bruce Conner 300.45
9.George Isley 280.77
9.Claude Finlen 280.77
10.Thomas Ritchie 268.58

Day or Night - Year Round Trips

Day or Night - Year Round Trips

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Hank Williams -

Hank Williams - "A Country Boy Can Survive"

The James River

The James River

The beautiful James River stretches 348 miles from the Appalachian Mountains to the Chesapeake Bay. It has been used as a major waterway for centuries and was once known as the Powatan River. The James River is home to the blue catfish and the Atlantic sturgeon as well as the largemouth bass, white perch, and striper. There are also many recreational adventures to enjoy such as canoeing, water skiing, hiking, and many more. Let Fish Unlimited Guide Service, LLC share the excitement of fishing and the beauty of the James River with you today!

Thundermist Fishing Tips

Thundermist Fishing Tips

Fish Unlimited Guide Service was featured on Thundermist Fishing Tips with Ivo Coia.


  • Had a great time and caught some big fish:-) and I was on my honeymoon with my husband so much fun

    ~ Amy
  • Captain Chuck is a great guide. He knows how and where to fish the river. He worked hard for us to the last minute, never gave up, never got discouraged. The results prove it we caught 6 huge cats, 2 were 50 lbs! There is a lot of luck in fishing, but Captain Chuck seemed to know every hole, he knew the current, he knew where and how to place the boat and bait to cover every possibility. He maximized every single chance we had for a fish and it worked great!

    ~ Oak
  • Went fishing 12/28. Best guide on the river. I would not use anyone else. He was so hard working. We were catching fish when no one else was. His knowledge of the river and fishing is unmatched.

    ~ Arnold
  • Captain Chuck will get you on the Monsters!! He takes pride in his work, and is unbelievable how much he had respect for these fish! Can't wait for another trip with Captain Chuck!! Great Job, and Thank You

    ~ Rickie
  • Captain Chuck did a good job for us. I asked him to fish hard for us and he delivered . We played the patience game not giving up when the bite was slow in the summer. We caught three very nice blue catfish that where a blast to reel in ..the fight these blue cats put up is unreal. If Captain chuck can do this when the bite is slow..then I can only imagine how it would be when the bite is good. Thanks for a fine fishing trip Captain chuck.

    ~ Jason
  • On the boat Chuck became more like a friend than a hired guide. He could not have done more to make our trip a pleasant, memorable and successful one.

    ~ Myron
  • Thank you for your hard work Chuck. We had a great time and great fish. We will be seeing you again for more 50lbs + cats

    ~ Keith
  • My wife and I spent the day with captain chuck and even though it was cloudy and misty most of the day. The bite was slow but chuck put us on 8 fish total Three being citation fish. My wife's third time fishing and caught a 33 pound monster. THANKS CHUCK FOR GREAT DAY. WE WILL BE BACK!!!!

    ~ Landon
  • Captain Chuck is the man! Showed my father and I a great day of fishing that I will certainly never forget! Best experience I've had on a guided trip he went above and beyond my expectations. Thank you Chuck, we will certainly be seeing you again!

    ~ Don
  • If you are looking for a GREAT GUIDE you can stop looking, CAPTAIN CHUCK is the BEST GUIDE on the James !!!. We fished 4-11-14 and 4-12-14, the bite was very slow, wind very high, but that never stopped Chuck, he busted his butt looking for citation fish for us, while other guides were coming up empty we were pulling out Blues, even after getting a citation fish in the boat he continued to work for us, (getting multiple hook-ups on really big fish), trying everything he new to get another one in the boat. I have used multiple Guide services in several states and Chuck is the hardest working Guide out there. If you don't catch the Blues its because there not biting, Period. P.S. If you catch a 100#er with green line in his mouth, "it's CHUCK's fault" hahahh! P.S.S. Again Many Thanks to Chuck AND his girlfriend for being so patient and allowing us to stretch our time, just a little :-)

    ~ Ken
  • One word AWESOME...Best day of fishing in a long time. Captain Chuck is a top notch guy and guide. Very skilled fisherman with a lot of attention to detail. Wanted to catch big fish and that's what Captain Chuck led us to do. Cant wait till next time.

    ~ Michael
  • Capt Jarvis is a fantastic and hard working guide who goes over the top to give his clients a fantastic fishing trip

    ~ Mark
  • Amazing.... 78lb big fish for the day. Also got a 72, 47, 40, 27, and 22lb. One hell of a day fishing.

    ~ Clayton
  • Chuck did everything he could to get us some fish. We had a blast even when the bites were slow. Will definitely be going back! We LOVED it.

    ~ Toni
  • Check out Fish Unlimited Guide Service if you wanna catch some monster James River Blues!!!

    ~ Jonas
  • Awesome fishing guide service, highly recommended.

    ~ Jason
  • Chuck consistently delivers the goods - and by goods I mean absolute monster Catfish! If you every have the desire to get slimed by one of these amazing, beautiful, huge fish - Chuck is the man!

    ~ Candy
  • Captain Chuck was a class act that resulted in boating multiple fish of my lifetime. Captain Chuck worked very hard to put TWO, fifty five pound blue cats in my hands. Chuck worked hard, was very polite, and made sure we had the trip of a lifetime. He maintained excellent equipment and paid attention to the details. If anyone is looking for the blue cat hotspot of the United States, you want the best guide in that area. Chuck is that person!

    ~ Ronzel
  • Captain chuck worked his A** off to get us fish this man just would not give up great guy amazing time highly recommend.

    ~ Nick
  • Great guide, big fish.

    ~ Ryan
  • Me and my son just got home we fished on the coldest day this year and caught more fish than I ever seen in my life best father and son fishing trip ever thanks for a trip of a lifetime our biggest fish was 85 lbs and our smallest one was 27 wow

    ~ Greg
  • Had a blast, Chuck is a awesome guide and a great person, put us on some bigons for sure thanks again Captain Chuck

    ~ Jonathan
  • We had a great day of fishing with Captain Chuck! 4 citations the biggest being 44lbs. Hes a great Captain and a great fisherman. We will be going back

    ~ Butch
  • Captain Chuck is awesome! He knows exactly where to find the big boys on one of the coldest days of the year. My buddy and I had a blast reeling in 62lbs, 70 lbs, 50lbs and a couple 30lbs cats. Captain Chuck really knows the river and his fish! Definitely will be booking another trip. Thanks again Chuck.

    ~ Robert
  • Great guide, very friendly, very knowledgeable. Had a wonderful time fishing with him.

    ~ Angie
  • This is a old friend of mine so if UR looking to get out on the water and get the fight u always wanted with one of James rivers big boys give him a call.. It's worth every penny to just enjoy the fight a 75 pound blue cat can give you.

    ~ Nicholas
  • Awesome guide!!! If you love to fish this is perfect for you. Lots of big fish and awesome service!

    ~ Timothy
  • The boys in my family love fishing with chuck and they all say he’s a great guide! He leaves them with some cool fishing tales for the books.

    ~ Hollie
  • Heck of a time fishing with Capt Chuck, he was determined to get us on some fish. Not only did he put us on fish but some big ones. Definitely making plans to come back this winter!

    ~ Josh
  • Chuck is awesome! He cares of you catch the BIG ONE, he was willing to stay out as long as it took! My husband and I were celebrating our Anniversary and we had the best time. If you choose this Guide Service you will not be disappointed. Thank you Chuck for an AMAZING trip!

    ~ Jessica
  • Captain Chuck put us on fish in very poor condition. Caught some nice fish he never stopped or gave up worked very hard to put us on fish on a day I thought we would have no luck at all. Thanks Chuck awesome job. Also I am an amputee he was so helpful in helping around the boat could not ask for a better guy!

    ~ Jeff
  • We had an amazing trip of a lifetime. We have all been longtime fisherman and caught lots of fish under 10 lbs, but in one day with captain Chuck we all smashed our records wide open. Multiple citation fish were caught and we went home happy, slimy, and with memories that will not soon be forgotten. First class charter and experience!!! Thank you for an amazing day!!! I’m now hooked and will be returning!

    ~ Zak
  • I had such a great time yesterday with Captain Chuck catching my first catfish. What a great experience. Even through the wind and the cold Captain Chuck stuck it out with us and said he would stay till midnight lol. Thank you Captain Chuck I can't wait till next time!

    ~ Crystal
  • If I ever get an opportunity to visit the Richmond, VA. area again, my first priority is to book a day with Capt. Chuck!! He is a very hard working guide that will do whatever it takes to make sure you get to bend a rod on a big ol' blue!! Class act!

    ~ Todd
  • Capt Chuck is a class guy who does his utmost to put fish in the boat and provide a safe and enjoyable experience. We boated 2 citation catfish on a less than ideal weather day for fishing. Capt Chuck never stopped working for us and is the kind of person you want to spend a day on the water with. Can’t say enough about his professionalism and customer service. Would highly recommend and will fish with him again for sure.

    ~ Dave
  • By far the best fishing trip I ever had. thanks capt. Chuck .. this man k ows his cat fish people . 10 out of 10 I give a 12 . thanks a lot see you soon

    ~ Josh
  • Captain Chuck was awesome, he put us on some hogs! We will be back!

    ~ Andrew
  • Had a blast with some great people including Captain Chuck! He is the man if you want to catch fish. He shared great stories and experiences he has had on the James River. Can't wait to get back out on the water with him and more of my buddies. All I can say is that there were three of us fishing and all three landed citation blue catfish!

    ~ Cody
  • Good guy, good fisherman. Consistently brings in monster fish.

    ~ Carolyn
  • We came to Virginia for our honeymoon with hopes of catching a big catfish. Captain Chuck made that happen. We caught a 63lb, 53lb, 35lb 34lb, 32lb, 28lb and a 18lb blue cat. Chuck worked hard all day finding fish. I couldn't have asked for a better guide or a better person for us to spend the day with. Thank you Captain Chuck for everything and we will be back next year!

    ~ Bob
  • Captain Chuck put us on the fish ! Give him a call to really enjoy the experience

    ~ James
  • Fished with Capt Chuck 4 times now and always put citations in the boat with the biggest fish weighing 76lbs! This guy never gives up trying to put hogs in the boat!

    ~ Thomas
  • Overnight trip with my husband Sammy. Chuck was a great captain caught seven nice blues. Had a great time. Looking forward to doing it again

    ~ Nancy
  • Captain Chuck thanks for an awesome fishing trip today. Had a blast hitting those shad. This was my first shad trip and it won't be my last. If ya want someone who keeps you on the fish and fun to fish with Captain Chuck is the man. Cya next year!

    ~ Darius
  • He was a real nice guy. I caught a 57 pound catfish, It was a blast.

    ~ Brandon
  • Chuck was by far the best fishing guide I have had. I’ve gone on many many different fishing trips and many different boats, but I have never had a guide that was so hard working and amazing. The fishing was absolutely unbelievable and I would do it again 1000%. I would recommend him to everyone and anyone. Thanks again for the best experience, Rob and Lynda.

    ~ Erin
  • Chuck is the best guide on the James hands down. He will always give you his best and never stop until he puts you in that fish of a lifetime! I have been out with him numerous times and always have a great time and catch monster blues.

    ~ Jason
  • If you are looking for a top quality guide for fishing the James River. I would recommend Chuck without reservation. In my opinion, he's simply the best!

    ~ Richard
  • Awesome guide works very hard to get u into the fish...highly recommend Fish Unlimited Guide Service!! Will be booking again! Thanks again Chuck!

    ~ Greg
  • The best guide service in Virginia! Captain Chuck put us on the biggest cat's I've ever seen. I've fished the James for 15 years and have never caught catfish that big. He is very professional and knowledgeable about what he does. We will be going back every year. Thanks again captain chuck! !!!!

    ~ Larry

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